BMW 1 Series Configurator is Live

For the life of me I can ‘t build a 1 Series with the limited options I want under $40k. Here ‘s my 135i with the handful of options I ‘d call essential:

  • Alpine White – BMW ‘s traditional racing color and it looks great on the 135i.
  • Sport Package – worth it for the seats but the shadow line trim is a must have as well.
  • Silver interior trim – tough choice as the piano black would work well also.
  • Red Leather interior – Few combinations nicer than red leather on alpine white. It ‘s a bit of color inside what could be called a conservative exterior choice.
  • Navigation – a must have in modern BMWs
  • BMW Assist – the only way to get Bluetooth as a standalone option
  • iPod adapter – another must have
  • Heated front seats – it ‘s 19 degrees this morning in Chicago. That ‘s a good reason in my book.
[ Gabe ‘s 135i ] PDF

You can check it out yourself here:

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