1 Series BMW Performance Parts Catalog

Remember that 1 Series Tii “concept ” that BMW showed off a few months back at the Japanese Motorshow? Apparently that was little more than a 135i guised up with some soon to be release “BMW Performance ” accessories. Almost everything seen on the car (save for the carbon fiber hood, fins, stripes and a few interior appointments) will be available at the counter of your local BMW dealer.

You can check out the full catalog below courtesy of 1addicts:

[ BMW Performance Parts Catalog ] BMW of Germany PDF

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  • Jon

    Any word Gabe is the parts line-up is likely to be similar in the states? Page 14 mmmm Recaro’s

  • WxSquid

    Word I’m hearing is that those Recaro’s are the same story as the JCW Seats – no airbag, not coming.

  • Jon

    Not to surprising, however if I do finally take a bite on the E86 think I would have to bring in a pair over to put in the car. If its similar to the reason of not bringing them to the states is because of the airbag sensor, i know a way around that issue. Still to this day the reason I never went for the Mini GP, have zero love for the US seats after having seen the European GP’s with Recaro’s.