BMW to Emulate the Success of JCW with BMW Performance Parts

A few years ago I was told by a source that BMW was so impressed with the success of JCW (John Cooper Works) that they were going to try to extend that idea into the BMW brand. With the launch of BMW Performance products this past summer, they ‘ve quietly started the process.

Selling performance parts through BMW dealers was always going to be tricky for BMW. How would this new line (not quite a brand within itself) compete with M products? The obvious difference is that M accessories are few and far between. In fact most aren ‘t even officially available in the US.

But as BMW enthusiasts how are we suppose to look at BMW Performance parts as compared to M brand versions? Are they on equal footing? Do they offer something M parts don ‘t?

The upside for BMW is that can also give something back to their dealers. All the parts are either VPC or dealership installed. The parts generally have a 35%-40% markup over invoice so it ‘s a profit machine for dealers that have often squeezed within the process of actually selling new cars.

It ‘s also interesting to see how BMW has launched the line. It ‘s obviously aimed at enthusiasts as the first products are dedicated to the E46. Second out of the date will be E81 1 Series products from the popular 1 Series Tii concept car.

Finally I think BMW needs to do a better job in creating a story and in turn some authenticity for this line. With the M brand we know the background; cars and performance parts created by people with performance being the ultimate goal. Comfort, affordability take a back seats and performance becomes the ultimate goal. And finally there ‘s a history there with real motorsport success at it ‘s heart.

BMW needs to create this kind of authenticity with BMW Performance much like it has with the M brand and to a lesser extent JCW.

You can check out the E81 and E90 BMW Performance Parts catalog (in German) here (courtesy of

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  • Sam

    So is BMW trying to fill the nitch between stock parts and M parts with the introduction of these parts? If that’s the intent, they need to market them as such.

  • Jon

    Good idea, think this is one thing that has worked well for the Mini brand. A large number of people that buy Bimmers buy non-M cars, this would allow some access to improving the car and ultimately good for the M-division as once people are bitten buy the performance bug its hard to stop.

  • SB

    Here is a link I came across about some 1 series parts.

  • WxSquid

    I’ve been doing some research on the BMW Performance Suspension for the E90; it appears from RealOEM that the parts are the same as the M-Sport stuff from Europe.

    For example for the E90 with ZSP, the Performance Suspension adds rear shocks and front struts (as my ZSP springs are the same as the Perf Susp ones). $550 (at Tischer BMW online w/ BMWCCA discount)

    Then, you’ll want to add the rear sway, about $150. (The front sway is the same as the M-Sport already. Rear goes up to 14mm).

    This will give you a 10mm drop (sound familiar JCW guys?) and generally plants the car like you’d like it would.

    If I buy out my lease, I’m doing it…. (if I don’t, it means I’m going to a 135 from the 335)