It\’s Official: BMW 1 Series tii Concept Not Going into Production

BMW confirmed today at the Chicago auto show that the tii will not be going into production. Instead (and this should come as little surprise to people who follow such things) many of the individual components on the car will be available separately at BMW dealers.

While we believe there ‘s still a chance at some sort of special edition 135i, we do not expect this car to look or me equipped like the tii concept shown at both the Tokyo and Chicago Auto Shows.

Of course the components will be available as “BMW Performance ” parts and most likely available later this spring. You can check them out in this German BMW Performance catalog.

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  • Jon

    Kinda sad but not unexpected. Think the concept tii was a very nice looking Bimmer. Will be very interesting to see what they may come up with for a special edition.

  • Sam

    Thanks for the news. A little disappointing it’s not going into production, but I imagine the main intent was to showcase those performance parts.

  • cct1

    Any idea when the pricing for the add ons will be available? I’m wondering how much setting one of these up is going to cost–probably going to be mainly focused on the suspension; the engine looks great as is, and maybe brakes, although those look pretty good on paper.

    Also, any thoughts on when DSG will make it over to the 1 series? Everything I’ve read points to DSG being fully incorporated into all the BMW lines by 2010…

  • DCMotoring

    I hope BMW will revisit this decision at some point in the future. I would love to see a lighter performance version of the 1 Series, perhaps stripped down with a light engine and priced between the 128 and 135. It would also be great to see a “M” version of the 1 priced above the 135. Maybe BMW is waiting to see how the 1 Series does sales-wise and what demographics end up buying them. I think that in addition to some style/image conscious buyers the 1 Series will also be very popular with BMW enthusiasts as is already evident on the 1addicts forum.

  • Mozza

    Browsing through the admittedly hard to discern and understand catalogue I don’t see the tii bodykit as in the Chicago pics, does this mean it won’t be available? I wish BMW would pull their fingers out and start updating properly showing the full range of accessories and pricing. Also I’m sure this has been asked before Gabe but I’m going to anyway, any news on a forthcoming M1 or am I dreaming?

  • davidgo

    my new purpose in life!

    to get those seats into my ///Alpine White 135i. i have a couple of friends who have got euro parts in the past (at ludicris prices of course) i wonder, if i did euro delivery, could i schedule to have them installed at a munchen dealer after i take delivery at the welt. there is prob a no mod clause in the euro delivery contact. but i’ve never seen it, and i’ve done a couple dozen of them. i think dealers on the other side like making money though. maybe put sheets over the new seats to sneak through shipping. i’m gonna bet my vanos that they aren’t coming us through our performance parts cat. but i will have them.

    also with the strut tower brace pedals, intake and exhaust. undecided on the steering wheel and yellow brakes, gonna pass on the carbon fiber trim and go alpine white there. like my e36 ///M

    yes i’ve have done a complete 180 on this car in one day. without seeing or driving it. stupid internet cults