eBay Find: BMW 2002 Touring Alpina

My favorite quote in the description: “that ‘s not rust, that ‘s rust protection “

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  • Jon

    Nice little car, hope it goes to somebody that drives it, and babies it like they should. A car like that deserves to see the open road and shouldn’t live its life in a museum.

  • Yep, spotted that a few weeks back – nice looking machine. When it was first listed there was also a genuine factory Turbo as well as a nicely done Turbo replica listed.

    2002s are Back!

  • Nice find. I didn’t even know the 2002 Touring existed. (Embarrassed!)

  • lava

    and look at the wheels – sweet.

    No doubt 30 odd years ago some fool said those wheels are an “instant classic”, and he was right.