BMW ALMS M3 Race Car Gallery

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603863023570]

You can see the full set much larger (without edges cut off) here.

As always a big thanks to Matt A. for helping out.

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  • Uuuhhh … I need some tissues please….

  • Jon

    Nice track toy!

    Still love this better though.

  • Jon

    GAh, bad link. It was for the Z4 M race car heh

  • Nozz

    Drool….. puddle. I’ll take 2 please. Getting my kids to school on time will be no problem.

  • Jon

    It would be one of those times the kids would also want their parents to drop them off and pick them up in front of their friends too heh.

  • Nice. Can’t wait for clips of the new M3 GTR lapping the Nordschleife!