BMWUSA X6 Brochure PDF

Come and get it. (Thanks Michael)

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  • lava

    I have to confess that I don’t get this vehicle at all, and that’s becoming a sign to me that means america will probably lap these up.

  • You and me both.

  • Jon

    No suprise here but not a fan of the X6, then again generally think SUV’s are a lost cause.

    This design isn’t a high point for BMW design.

  • Neil S

    I don’t get it either, and I can’t help thinking Aztek when I see it. Now, it’s clearly not as bad as that, why why why oh why?

  • lava

    That’s it – if you don’t want a truck then why don’t you want a car? What does this really do better than a Touring model? You’ve got all the compromised handling and weight of a truck, and none of the utility.

  • Ross

    Thats it! Its the Aztec……..thought it looked familar