Made in Germany?

Most purchasers of a BMW assume they are getting a German made product. Most non-enthusiasts do not realize that their vehicle may have been produced in the US or several other locations outside of the “fatherland “. Dealers are able to identify the production location of a specific car within their allocation but this is not always revealed to the customer. It will however be stated on the window sticker when it is delivered.

Until recently US bound 335i sedans were solely built in Germany but due impart to the weakness of the dollar and ramp up in production of the 1 series coupe,production has begun to join the 328i sedan in Roslyn, South Africa. The Roslyn plant has won several awards for its quality so it is by no means a substandard product. This move in production is not indicated for other models within the 3 range.

Currently, US bound cars are produced at 6 BMW facilities around the globe and 1 model is out-sourced. Factories may produce specific models, variants or a variety of each. Additional facilities produce cars for other markets outside of the US.


  • Dingolfing- Vehicles of the BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series as well as M5 and M6 are completely manufactured here. The almost entirely hand made bodies for the Rolls-Royce Phantom are also produced here.
  • Leipzig- The newest plant within the family produces the BMW 3 Series Sedan and since late 2007 the 1 series (specifics are hard to find on which variant and if for US).
  • Munich- This facility produces the BMW 3 Series as Sedan and Touring (including some all wheel drive XI models). Many of the engines are also assembled here. US bound 6, 8, and 12-cylinder engines. //M performance engines are also built here for the M3, M5 and M6. Future US bound diesel engines are to be manufactured here as well.
  • Regensburg- BMW produces the US 1 series and the 3 series coupes and convertibles only here. Other 3 series variants are also produced here including XI models (possible X1).The successor of the Z4 will reportedly also be manufactured here keeping all the coupes and convertibles under one roof.

Outside of Germany

  • Roslyn, South Africa- 75% of the cars produced here are exported outside of the country, many of these are US bound. In addition to the 328i sedan, the 335i sedan has begun being produced here and transported stateside.
  • Spartanburg, USA- Recently updated, this single line factory produces the X5 and Z4. When the X6 reaches production status it will be built here as well. The next generation X3 will join the other “X ” models here along with the proposed X1 (which may be built in Germany, sources are unclear).
  • Graz, Austria (Magna Steyr)- The X3 is manufactured under contract by Magna Steyr for BMW here.
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  • I hope to do a plant tour of Roslyn this year. Not sure if photos will be allowed, but I’ll certainly do a write-up post event.

    Our plant is really world class, and having sampled many locally produced 3ers, I can attest to its quality.

  • Jon

    Very nice Timmee, had a chance to visit the Munich site a while back. A cool tour that I would recommend to a enthusiast. Can’t wait for my next trip to visit the Welt.

  • mpezzullo

    I have been through the Munich Plant myself and it is simply amazing how BMW has adapted the “line” to fit within the confines of the city and buildings. The robots work in almost a dance as the parts get moved around and proceed up through the levels. The Munich plant is the only plant tour you are able to see the painting process. The tour also opens your eyes up as to how something like this can not be experienced in the US because the lawsuits would be constant as you walk across the line and beside stamping machines and forklifts. In Germany it is enter at your own risk!With Welt and the higher numbers of tours I am sure it is a bit watered down. Take a virtual tour :

  • man, it would be a blast to actually get to visit one of these plants, mostly if your getting your build number from there.

    On that note, I guess I dont care where the car comes from as long as the BMW quality is there but it does have a certain nice ring to it to know your car came from Germany heh

  • Dan S.

    Country of manufacture is usually unimportant. Corporate culture is the key as Honda and Toyota proved years ago when they opened plants in the USA. And the Japanese learned how to make quality competitively priced vehicles after WW-II by adopting the concepts of Dr. J. Edward Demming (spelling?).

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  • I visited the BMW Museum while in Munich a while ago – the Welt was still under construction.

    I definately want to go back now that it has opened.

    Will also have to pop by Stuttgart, Zuffenhausen, Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt again.

  • Rich

    i just did a tour of the Munich production facility last week. It is an outstanding tour, although photos are not permitted.

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  • peter

    Made the move to BMW on 67 years its a 323 i,litle beauty 😂

  • Allen Ho

    I will only purchase my auto from BMW factories in Bayern.