M3 vs the 135i in Pictures

Taken at the M3 US press debut at Laguna Seca today.

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603904058486]
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  • Gorgeous cars, and the hills at Laguna Seca are green this time of year! I would imagine that you will get to take them around the track. Enjoy!

  • Eliot R.

    I have to say that when I saw the 135i at the LA Auto Show, I was pretty convinced that the car lacked presence. I think that these photos hit that home. I was really prepared to be blown away by a squat, aggressive little car from BMW and, though it pains me to say it, the 135i somehow looks a little ordinary. Perhaps this is due to the 135i displaying fairly tried-and-true BMW design characteristics that are very well seen in the E46. Regardless, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one myself. I won’t buy a car based upon looks but I will buy a car based upon performance.

    Oh, and that M3 is UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Eliot R.

    Oh, and I hate to be a nit-picker but the 1er Coupe internal code is E82, not E81 as it states in the comment line below the photos. The 1er 3-door Hatch is the E81, if I remember correctly.

  • Jon

    Nice shots Gabe!

    Rather surprised in one regard, the M3 doesn’t seem as huge next to the 1 series as I assumed it would. Like the 135i for sure but have to admit lean more at the styling of the M3, still don’t think either captures me as much as the Z4 M does. Really looking forward to seeing the upcoming Z2 and new Z4 next year.

  • Nice shots. These pics really give us an idea of the size of the 1-Series.

  • Nice shots. However, it’s still hard for me to get a sense of the size difference. I can’t wait to see both in person.

    That M3 looks hot in all white!

  • cct1

    Eliot, your impressions are EXACTLY how I felt when I saw my first 135i at the Chicago car show. I wanted to be knocked out in the worst way, and I wasn’t–the car is nice looking, but nothing heart thumping. The flip side is that the tii was fantastic looking; didn’t even look like the same model of car. The question is going to be how much is it going to cost get the 135i to the looks/performance of the tii..

    The M3 is drop dead gorgeous in real life. The 135i looks better in pictures than real life; the M3, although it looks great in pictures, looks even more impressive in the flesh. It is substantially larger than a 1-series; in real life, there will be no mistaking the two side by side.

  • JMills

    Man, I really wish the 1-series was a little smaller.