BMW 1 Series Press Launch in Photos

Today was 1 Series day at the BMW/MINI press week out in Monterey. I had 300 plus miles on some of the most incredible roads in North American to examine the car that everyone is so eager to drive. It was, as you can imagine an absolute joy of the highest order. The 1 Series is simply… well I suppose I should save it for the review next Monday. Until then, here are some photos from the day.

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603892719874]

You can see the photos larger (and without the edges cut off) here.

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  • cct1

    The 1 Series is simply…the best car BMW makes?

    That’s Jeremy Clarkson wrote, can’t wait to see your writeup, and how the 135i compares to the M3…

  • Eliot R.

    So Gabe, what was the difference in spec between the two 135is? Or was their any besides color?

    To a certain degree I think that the black looks better on the 135i but the amber indicators scream to be cleared out on nearly any dark color. Amber indicators look much better on the red. Still, I wish we got the European clear indicators. Stupid American laws…arg.

  • Thats actually Monaco blue metallic.

  • I’m liking the Monaco Blue! I just met with my sales advisor at the local BMW dealership. He tells me their first demos will be here by the end of the month. Does this timeline sound correct?

  • March 22nd is the official launch.

  • Mozza

    Can the amber indicators not be changed out for clear ones like the MCS?

  • Can the amber indicators not be changed out for clear ones like the MCS?

    I believe what you’re talking about is actually part of the headlight housing. To swap it out for the Euro version you’d have to buy at least an entire Euro headlight housing.

  • Ross

    I have to say it does look good in a “real” red. I used to live out in Monterey and have to admit they have some great roads out there. Going through the Del Monte Forest was my favorite.

  • Wow…It really does look fantastic in your pics. I think the press shots in burnt orange didn’t do the car justice. Can’t wait to read your review. I’ll be going for Alpine White with either Black or Red interior in 2009. It’s going to be hard to let go of the MINI though. Somehow I need to convince the wife i’m allowed to keep both…lol

  • lava

    Are we going to hear anything about the 128i or do they not have them there for you guys to drive?

  • They had them there and I drove one. There will be one paragraph in the review out Monday.

  • lava

    One paragraph? Ha! Ok, well, I’ll wait to read it before I make any assumptions about what that means.