5th Gear Compares the Cayman & the 135i

Part 1

Part 2

Courtesy of 1addicts

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  • Some guys get to have all the fun.

    Gabe, I can see why you want one!

  • micah

    This “tests” a regular Cayman (not a Boxster) vs. the 135i.

    Fifth Gear is a great show, which much better drivers, but not the wit, of Top Gear.

  • Husni Amirullah

    This is sound as if i’m an anal but it’s a Cayman not a boxter

  • Cayman. 😉

  • Wow how did I miss that – fixed btw.

  • eager2own

    Done — where do I send the deposit?

  • 9

    Fifth Gear is okay. Top Gear rules!!!!!!!!

  • Oops sorry about all the comments about the Cayman, I’m not sure if all three comments were left at the same time, but when I left mine only Chris W’s was showing up before mine.

    Anyway, the 135i went really well in this piece, and after initially seeing pics online in that horrible Sedona Red colour the more I see this car the more I’m actually starting to like the way it looks. Still a month or two until they make it here to Australia, but I’ll very keen to check them out when they arrive.

  • dave

    here’s a non-sequitur: the cayman is least nasty porsche but it has its fatal flaw…its engine is designed to be replaced, not rebuilt. for those who own caymans/boxsters, do you work on your own car? can you even? i have no idea how you access the engine

    135i is pretty sweet. i want one!

  • Chris B.

    It’s a complete joke to say that this is a Bimmer aimed at younger folk, if anything at all those younger folk will be writing checks in the form of monthly lease payments to BMW on top of their monthly rent for their hole in the wall apartment.

    And the 135 completely smoked the Cayman for drifting; that call was crap.