Official BMW 1 Series Design Video

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  • lava

    its hard to not like this car

  • Mark R

    Agreed. It’s probably the only car that could pry me away from my beloved MINI. (At least, one that’s in my price range) 🙂

  • Jon

    Styling wise I like this car much better than the 3 or 5 series. Still not what I would call a attractive design, I would call a purposeful design. I still believe the Z4 M coupe is still light years ahead of this car for design, although you can see a family resemblance between them.

  • What happened to the clip? 🙁

  • Jon

    Pakistan felt the need to block youtube and the way they choose to do this affected pretty much world wide access for about 2 hours.

  • 9

    Hooydonk! I love that name. Anyway… It honestly doesn’t remind me of the 2002. Maybe its the flame surfacing. Last time I checked the 2002 didn’t have flame surfacing. I Really don’t like the direction BMWs heading. Bangles and H’Donk have to go.

  • John Wong

    excellent vehicle – would like to test drive it