Based on the reader comments from our recent 135i review, it looks as if quite a few of you have questions. Lots of questions. And since we ‘ve driven the entire 1 Series range and learned just about everything there is to know about the car from the recent BMW press event, we ‘re here to answer them. We ‘ll start by answering a few of the questions posed in the comment section of our recent review. If you have any further questions not answered here, be sure to ask them in the comment section below. We ‘ll plan on posting answers (if we can) next week.


>Q: Do you think we’ll get any idea about when the DCT will make to the 135i in April too?

A: I don ‘t expect the DCT anytime soon on the 1 series and it might not make it during this generation. However you can expect it eventually.


>Q:My question Gabe would be a comparison between your time in the 135i and the Z4 M.

A: Totally different beasts. However I ‘ll say this; they are the only two cars BMW currently makes that have I ‘ve seriously considered buying in the last six months. The M Coupe is a very focused M car that has limited space and only two seats. The 135i isn ‘t quite as fast yet is just as much fun. And it has two rear seats and a proper trunk. Oh and the MSRP is $15k lower.


>Q: what’s the difference between the standard seats and the seats in the sport package? is the m steering wheel (also in that package) worth it? what other exterior colors were impressive? the crimson does look nice..

A: I never had a chance to sit in a car without sport seats. However if they ‘re anything like the standard 3 Series seats (and I ‘m guessing they are) I ‘d highly recommend opting for the sport seats. Much more lateral support and they have the extendable thigh support as well – mandatory in my book.

The steering wheel is the best I ‘ve ever felt. It ‘s actually better than the M3 due to the perforated leather. Actually beyond that and a slight different in trim it ‘s identical.

Best colors in my book:

– Alpine White
– Crimson Red
– Titanium Silver

…in that order. The worst? Sedona Red.


>Q: Gabe, thanks for the review. Any word on the audio system and ipod integration?

A: We tried to get it to recognize both of our iPhones but either of the 1 Series tested would.


>Q: is the auto trans the same aisin that’s in the MINI?

A: No – Totally different transmission made by ZF and roughly 100 times better at everything. It ‘s probably one of the very best torque converter style autos in the world.


>Q: After driving both cars, and not the exact configurations, but with the same price point ~$30k, would you go for a MINI Cooper S Clubman manual w/some great options (LSD, 17″wheels etc) or a 128i manual with heated seats only?

A: Neither. I ‘d do bread and water for six months and get the 135i.


>Q: i second the request or a 135i vs. jcw review…

A: It ‘ll come later this spring.


>Q: And the fact that it will basically be the only Bimmer in the entire range (I think) to retain that driver-centric dash is a tremendous point in its favor. The absence of this from the E90 was one more reason for me to ditch my 325i for the R56 MCS (which I am loving BTW after 4 weeks).

A: Hey I ditched my 325ci six years ago so I know the feeling.


>Q: Did you have time behind the wheel with the 128i? If so, what are your thoughts on that car, especially when compared against the Cooper S?

A: Yes – there ‘s a paragraph in the review above on it.


Q: how does this 135i compare to an R53 JCW?If you can remember back that far.My 2 kids are growing taller and need a bit more room than my R53 JCW has, but I still want a small car….

A: Two totally different cars and concepts. I can say that it ‘s a great car that has more rear legroom than the two door MINI. Is it worth the extra money? Depends on what you want in a car.