M3 Marked up to $100K by US Dealer Stealer

It ‘s so sad and wrong (especially with the 135i being more fun) but the new M3 has been marked up $30,000 dollars by a California dealer. Check it here.

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  • Jon

    Lol 100k for a M3, just goes to show some dealers live in a fantasy land. Of course I doubt BMW will not be able to do anything about it. Also have to say no suprise that this is at a California dealership, in my car buying history California doesn’t rank on the place to buy cars in general.

  • Yikes! There’s no way a dealer could get away with anything over RRP in Australia.

  • Wow! I touched the car for the first time yesterday and it only had a $5k markup which I would gladly pay rather than wait the eight months until the next allotment opens up! The sedan does not look as menacing as the coupe in real life… It is a nice looking beast though!

  • Doesn’t the saying go “there’s a sucker born every minute”? Hopefully, none that can afford to drop $100k on a car are that gullible. Nice to have the first one on the block, but really, makes absolutely no sense to me!

  • Neil S

    BMW of San Francisco marked their first M6’s up 40K and sold them in less than a week. Some people want what they want and will pay anything for it.

  • Kirk W

    BMW of Northwest Arkansas has two sitting on the lot, a 2 door and a 4 door, with no additional dealer markup. I will be happy to go buy one and drive it to California for someone for only $25k over sticker.