1 Series Coupe Model Life Cycle Revealed

Typical BMW model cycles these days last seven years from European introduction to the end of production. However with the 1 Series coupe, things seem less clear.

The 1 Series five door hatch was first introduced in 2004 based on the E90 3 series platform. So if you follow the typical seven year timeframe that means the next 1 Series will debut in 2011. But if we dig a little deeper that number becomes a little less clear. For one E90 3 Series platform first saw the light of days as a sedan in 2005. Will this have some bearing on the 1 Series longevity?

Then there ‘s the fact that BMW will allow specific models of a platform to live on even after the new car as been introduced. The classic case of this is the M3 or the 3 Series convertible staying in production even after a newer generation has been released. We believe because of this, that the 1 Series Coupe and the Convertible will remain into production longer than 2011 (the seven year mark for the 1 Series 5 door hatch).

In fact just this past week we got some confirmation on that number. Automotive News Europe ran a story about the automotive parts supplier Karmann handling all convertible roof production for the 1 series convertible. But the key bit of information? BMW has told Karmann to expect production of the roof to run until 2013.

Based on this and a few other veiled sources, we expect the current 1 Series coupe and convertible to stay in production until 2013 with new version introduced for the 2014 model year.

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  • cct1

    Good news (I think)–I am hoping this will increase the chances that we’ll see an (even) more performance biased version of the 1, hopefully something along the lines of the tii. They’ll probaby do something to spice things up a bit at some point, if they’re going to prolong the cycle of the car. Here’s to hoping!