E90 3 Series Gets a Mid-Cycle Nip & Tuck

Similar to the recent changes to the 5 and 6 series, it looks like the front and rear fascia will recieve most if not all the attention on the outside.

+ BMW 3-Series Facelift Spied / Worldcarfans

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  • Pat H.

    As I have speculated since the M3 Sedan was revealed it looks pretty clear to me that facelifted sedan is going to have the same front end as the E92 coupe.

    It’s going to look really great. Only 17 more months left on our 07. Gonna get one of them for sure.

  • Pat H.

    Actually, I have to take back my comment above. I looked more closely to the pic (blown up) and compared it to a 335 Coupe that happens to be in front of my desk. There are without a doubt some differences between the design of the front bumper on the car pictured and the current coupe. Some are rather subtle while others are actually major.

    I stand corrected – by myself. 🙂

  • Chaz

    The described changes don’t look like much, however a 320d would be impressive! This article hints that it may come to the US? That would be much more useful than the 335d. The 335d is an interesting image car, but the 320d would have to get some attention with high gas prices. with Economy ratings at 40 city and 60 highway and the torque of a 330i – that car should come to the US.

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