In celebration of the cars finally making their way to US dealerships, we ‘re calling it 1 Series week here at BimmerFile. We ‘ll have more this Saturday (the official launch date) but until then, here ‘s another great review to take in. Our friends at Inside Line have finally had a chance to full test their 135i press car and well… it ‘s worth a click. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>Spirited back-road driving proves the 2008 BMW 135i Coupe can deliver the goods, as it dispatched corners with crisp turn-in, an eager willingness to change direction and impeccable grip, without sacrificing the road-worthy poise of the 335i that we love. On our test track, this translates to a blistering 72.4-mph run in the slalom, easily outpacing the last 335i we tested (69.5 mph) and edging the 2008 STI (72.0 mph). Skid pad figures are a wash, as both BMWs generate 0.89g and the STI makes 0.90g.

+ Full Test: 2008 BMW 135i Coupe