Inside Line Fully Tests the 135i

In celebration of the cars finally making their way to US dealerships, we ‘re calling it 1 Series week here at BimmerFile. We ‘ll have more this Saturday (the official launch date) but until then, here ‘s another great review to take in. Our friends at Inside Line have finally had a chance to full test their 135i press car and well… it ‘s worth a click. Here ‘s an excerpt:

Spirited back-road driving proves the 2008 BMW 135i Coupe can deliver the goods, as it dispatched corners with crisp turn-in, an eager willingness to change direction and impeccable grip, without sacrificing the road-worthy poise of the 335i that we love. On our test track, this translates to a blistering 72.4-mph run in the slalom, easily outpacing the last 335i we tested (69.5 mph) and edging the 2008 STI (72.0 mph). Skid pad figures are a wash, as both BMWs generate 0.89g and the STI makes 0.90g.

+ Full Test: 2008 BMW 135i Coupe

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  • Jon

    Good review, up o the quality I expect from the crew over at Inside Line.

    Even if we don’t see a M derivative can just smile over what the 135i could be with a little after market loving. Would love to see BMW eventually offer a lightweight version.

  • cct1

    Jon, I think something will happen with this car. Probably not an M derivative, but something will appear–following this and other message boards, the 135i is hitting home with niche of drivers that BMW would be well served, from an enthusiast standpoint, to get behind the wheel, and its unusual for BMW to turn a completely blind eye to such clamorings. I’m betting they’ll conjure up something in the next couple of years.

    At least that’s what I’m waiting on….

  • Jon

    cct1 I also have this feeling, though I do have to say the bone stock 135i is a very nice toy already.

    Looking forward to some seat time in one soon.

  • Jon

    For all intents and purposes, the 135i with sport package is basically an M1, if you will. As the article states a couple times, those 3-piston brakes are hardly needed, (but oh-so-cool), and with the $1000 sport package added, you get the M-branded leather steering wheel and shift knob.

    Those three features are good enough for me!

    This car is oh-so-lustworthy…

  • Jon

    Lustworthy for sure, but still lay money down that a full blown M development would still be a different creature.

    I am personally holding out to see the new E89 as lighter weight is always interesting. Same thing that is keeping me reading every Z2 bit of info that has been showing up on the web. Give me the new Z4 M with the V8 from the new M3 and we would really have a lust-ride.

  • FWIW – I’d take an M coupe with the six over a heavier z4 with the v8. And I can’t imagine it won’t be heavier considering the size of the test mules and the inclusion of a metal roof.

  • Jon

    Love the current M coupe hands down, the M straight six is still one of the best motors to date in my view. I am sure the new E89 will be heavier, most information about the car says it will only grow very slightly over the current E85. Every shot to date has many inches of plastic coating every surface.

    My dream BMW would be a CSL version M E89 coupe with the new V8. I doubt we will see this but this would rock!