BMW 520d Beats a Prius in MPG

It seems the automotive press is picking up a truth many of us have known about for some time. Diesel powered cars can be (in some cases) more efficient than a hybrid.

+ BMW Beats Prius in MPG /

Full article can be found in the London Times

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  • ….wow. I dont know what to say but I cant help but laugh even more everytime I see a prius

  • Jon

    Love it! Should be interesting as BMW starts bringing the Efficient dynamics into the Mini D. Then we can all set back and laugh out loud at the Prius crown lol.

  • eager2own

    Of course, the hybrid would have more of an advantage in city driving than it did on the 545-mile highway trip. That having been said: if BMW brings the 5-series wagon to the states with a diesel . . . I’ll go put a deposit down today.

  • Benster

    I can’t stand how Prius owners hold onto this self-righteous attitude about being fuel efficient. They’ve got to be the most rude drivers I’ve ever encountered.