A production X6 in the flesh

Needless to say the X6 is a hefty vehicle in real life, it is very stout and aggressive. The wheels are massive, the lines are bold and it just looks mean! One thing that was apparent was that this machine was built because BMW wanted to build it and prove to the world that it could be built. With that said; what is the point of it? It looks to be designed with driving in mind and little care for utility (the main reason it can not be called an SUV).

img_3729.jpg img_3724.jpg img_3730.jpg

The front seats are bolstered, padded and very comfortable; a nice touch the designers included is padding placed on the front center console to cushion your leg in high speed cornering. The interior and dash is adapted from the X5 so there were not very many surprises upfront.The two rear bucket seats are nearly as nice as the fronts and provide similar support. The rear center console and arm rest were a bit of a disappointment in a vehicle of such posh intentions. Head room in the back is ample but a bit low for those over six feet.

img_3726.jpg img_3736.jpg img_3735_2.jpg

The obvious issue with this type of coupe/hatch design and the angles involved is the limited amount of rear visibility it provides the driver; you will need a form of parking assist to prevent scratching the rear every-time you back up! Another thing about that hatch… it is assisted by struts that may be thicker than those on some economy cars out there because of all the weight they need to lift. They can be adjusted to lift the gate to a certain level so shorter people can still reach it to pull it back down and close it, a good idea in theory but there is one issue: If you are taller and open the gate more than the set height it will still open further BUT the dialed in setting will not hold the gate once you let go so it falls back down to the setting and nearly knocks you unconscious (ask me how I know this). A welcomed surprise was a space saving spare located under the load floor in the trunk area.

img_3741.jpg img_3742.jpg img_3731.jpg

All in all it is an impressive design and the overall execution is an accomplishment. It will not be on the suburban soccer mom ‘s list of must haves because of the 4 passenger max but it will definitely appeal to those looking for a niche vehicle that appears to drive well (in theory).

We wish we had the opportunity to drive it but that was just not in the cards at this time. We have heard from many that have experienced it on the test track that it drives like it looks. A lot of time was put into the technology of the suspension and torque vectoring all-wheel drive which help it handle so well. We hope to drive this beast in all its glory and when we do you can expect a full review.

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  • Jon

    Like you, I have to ask, “WHY”?

    This vehicle is the equivalent of William “Refrigerator” Perry being turned into a running back in the Superbowl: a big, heavy, massive SUV, thinking it can zig, zag, and sprint like a lightweight Lotus, (but surely cannot; the laws of physics WILL prohibit that from happening). Also, the functionality of this vehicle is nonexistant, with that chopped rear glass.

    Why, why, WHY is this being produced?

  • Jon

    It’s the answer to a question that nobody asked! Ha!

  • Lee L

    Well, Refrigerator did score a touchdown, did he not? 😉

  • eager2own

    Wow, that rear visibility looks no better than in my MINI . . . cabrio.

  • Barry

    I sat in this vehicle 3 weeks ago at the BMW breast cancer event. It is soo sweeet. The looks definitely arent for everybody but I can see it fulling a market niche. I just hope it outhandles the Porsche Cayenne.

  • Joe Smith

    I was able to sit in this same car! The M3s the 1 coupe and convertible were at my local dealer Wide World of Cars for a launch party. It was a great event to see all the new models at.

  • Revett

    With the tailgate open to its set level, you should pull it down a couple of inches and release it. Then it will rise to its full opening height. (BMW calls this a ‘ballpoint pen’ mechanism.) If you do what you did — lift it some more and let go — you’d better stand back in a hurry.

    The X6 makes no more sense than a Bentley or an Aston Martin. Jeez, I WANT one…

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