First Rumors of a 1er tii Surface

While we in no way endorse this rumors, we like them (from Winding Road):

A German source with direct knowledge of the goings-on tells us that what is currently in testing is a stripped-out lightweight setup using the twin-turbo six installed in the 135i (as well as in the 335i and 535i). The engine will be set lower within the body work as well to bring the slight top-heaviness of the 3.0-liter twin turbo motor closer to earth, thereby immediately improving cornering abilities. No word on power output upgrades yet, but the acceleration number to 60mph is, according to our source, “pleasantly under 4.5 seconds.”

+ BMW Confirms What We ‘ll Get if We Get a tii / Winding Road

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  • Barry

    I got back my 135i deposit 2 weeks ago. I am waiting for this car. I can imagine an LSD, weight shed by 150-200lb, Nice power-bump, slight cosmetic differences, priced 8-10 over base 135i and I’m down for it.

  • Jon

    Not one that puts much into rumors from Winding Road but still hope this has legs.

    Think there are more than a few that would love to see tii come back to the street in a modern evolution.

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