Mwerks Dynos its 135i Long-term Press Car

First it was the 335i that Car and Driver dynoed at nearly 350hp. Now it ‘s the 135i ‘s turn. Mwerks took their long-term press car down to the local dyno and got some impressive numbers: an estimate 329 hp and almost the same torque.

We ‘ve known for a long time that BMW has been under-representing the twin turbocharged inline six (or “the engine ” as it ‘s becoming known as) since it ‘s inception. Is it to create a clearer distinction between the M cars or is it simply about under-promising and over delivering? Our money is on the former.

One also has to wonder how much these aftermarket ECU tunes (Dinan etc) are actually worth it if the gain is truly only a few horsepower.

+ Dyno Chart / Mwerks

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  • Dan C.

    300 is a number that came out of marketing, not engineering, for sure.

    Is there a link to the article, Gabe?

  • Sorry about that – the link is now up there.

  • Barry

    The fact that the engine is under-rated does make me hold the brakes on buying a 135i to flash the ECU. I’m waiting for the performance version. LOVE THIS CAR.

  • JeffH

    I had heard that you can get fantastic gains with a re-flash. Are you saying everybody doing this only dyno the cars after the upgrade, not before, and they just assume 300 as the base?