135i Videos from the Press Launch

More 1 Series content for you today. Since I can only assume anyone reading this in the US is either on the way down to the dealer for a test drive or on the way back, I thought I ‘d continue theme with these 135i videos I created from last month ‘s press launch. For all those who are soon to be heading down to the local BMW dealer for a test drive, a word of warning, the hoonage level is a little high on two of these videos. Don ‘t get any ideas.

The Launch.

Stop. Start. Sideways.

The Cruise.

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  • Pat H.

    Stop. Start. Sideways. was by far my fav. Could’ve used a little bit more sideways, but I still liked it a lot.

  • Hector M,

    suspension looks way to soft, on the Stop and Star powerslide.

  • From my experience with the car the suspension is a very good setup, it is very compliant with bumps yet provides adequate ability for cornering. Body roll is not as severe as in some other cars and yet it is not so jarring that makes it uncomfortable on the highway. BMW dialed the spring rates in just right. Obviously there are those that may like it a bit firmer but for the vast majority of people it is just right, it will be good enough for track days or for a highway trip. If you want firmer they created an entire line of performance upgrades to fill your needs.

  • hector – read my review on the top left for more info.