Nurburgring on the Web (Part 3)

Here ‘s some low-hanging fruit for our latest in our ‘Ring on the Web series. Yes it ‘s a little MINI focused for a BMW site but there some BMW related eye candy in the ‘Ring paddock and of course a good portion of a lap to take enjoy.

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  • Brendan

    Sofa king jealous. Another good use of LCD soundsystem. I love that song. If you haven’t seen LCD live you’re doing yourself a disservice.

    BTW – went to my local dealer when it was close last night to sneak a peek of the 1 series. GREAT looking car. It’s one of those cars you don’t truly appreciate until you are right next to it. May cause me to sell my R56 :-0

  • jakay11

    What, was that last car that blasted by on the straight sounding like a jet?

  • jake, that was a McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 driven by sabine schmitz (well known by bimmers for riding the M5 ring-taxi)