X1 Spied during winter testing

Over the next several months we expect a lot of spy photos to be taken as BMW is redesigning or launching a number of models. We got a tip off to some spy photos of the upcoming X1 and thought instead of giving you just photos of it we would give a gallery of it and other BMW models we have.

All of these “mules ” are fully clad but they do give you an idea of the size and the general lines of the cars in many aspects. The X1 photos address the concerns many had with what the lines may be. There were some recent photos of 3 series wagons with the drive system of the X1 making them look a bit like they were on steroids and gave the impression the X1 may be more of an “all road ” than SAV. This looks more like a down sized X6 in the hatch area.

There are some photos of the “F ” interior floating around but they are still covered a great deal, we will try to bring you those in the future. Pictures credited to “scoopy “. [pictobrowser BimmerFile 72157604248740131]

You can view the full size images here

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  • Sam

    Yikes. Almost as ugly as the X6. Can’t we just say no to SUV/SAV and stay with a sleek handling wagon?

  • Mark

    WOW, Sam must have SUPER vision (or at least be clairvoyant) to see what the car will REALLY look like….I will hold any judgments or opinions until the FINAL car comes out!!

  • Jimmy John

    I think ALL the Beemers are gettin’ ugly.

  • Since these mules are clad with additional material they are designed to be ugly. What they do show are roof lines and proportions. Everything else is designed to trick the eye into thinking it is something that it is not. They spend a good deal of time and money into cladding these things so they do not give away the design too soon.

  • Jon

    No suprise on this development since BMW has found profit in the US with SUV’s. Do have to say I cannot bring one SUV to mind that I think isn’t an ugly design.

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