A Sneak Peak at BMW\’s New Museum

Number four in this week ‘s video series deals with one of the most visited attractions in Munich. I ‘ve visited both BMW ‘s original Museum and it ‘s temporary set-up that was in place the last several years and I can tell you that the collection deserves nothing less than a completely new permanent display. I can ‘t wait to see it first hand.

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  • Hmm, that clip promised so much and delivered so little. I’m sure the museum itself will be much better. The old museum in Munich was pretty cool, but if they hope to live up to Volkswagen’s Autostadt then BMW has a big task ahead of itself. I reckon they’ll deliver though.

  • The BMW campus in Munich was designed to surpass Autostadt. Welt alone is something to marvel. BMW also upgraded the factory to make tours easier, remodeled and increased the size of the museum. It is now an amusement park for BMW fans. The city of Munich is also much more interesting (you could spend 4-5 days there easy) than Wolfsburg. That being said; BMW was last to the party and waited for the others to finish their projects prior to starting their own; so they did have an advantage.

  • Haha, I reckon I could spend 4 or 5 days at the Autostadt. But I’m a bit sad like that. :p

  • Jon

    Will look forward to checking it our during my next trip to Germany. The 328 in the video is an incredible car, worth the trip to the museum for this car alone in my book. Looking forward to it.