BMW 535d on Top Gear

We have received a good deal of interest/inquiries about the upcoming diesel models in the US. Though we are not currently scheduled to receive this model the guys over at Top Gear have turned out another fascinating review and comparison between the gas and diesel powered 5. It is worth noting they did not compare the diesel against the gas six-cylinder but to the monstrous V8. The 3 series with this diesel should be even quicker. Also, the block is aluminum not steel so the weight difference is minimal! Enjoy.

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  • Mark

    WAY COOL, though with diesel where I live at $4/gallon, I have to now wonder about the viability of the new diesel BMW’s??


  • True about the price of diesel but you must think in terms of being 25% more efficient, so as long as it is not 25% more expensive as premium you are still ahead of the game!

  • drutx

    How does the 3.0 liter turbo diesel stack up to the 3.0 liter turbo petrol (as opposed to the 4.8 liter in the video)?

  • eager2own

    Awesome. Now bring that over to the US for the 535d-wagon, and we’re talking.

  • “I Am now officially going to shoot myself”

    freaking awesome