We ‘ve reported previously that BMW won ‘t be creating an M1 with this current generation 1 Series. However that doesn ‘t mean that BMW has considered a special edition 1 Series. While we ‘ve specifically heard from several sources that BMW won ‘t be doing anything further than offering a la carte accessories for the current 1 Series, the rumor of a tii model is hard to not get excited about. So today ‘s news from Car Magazine is particularly interesting. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>BMW chief Norbert Reithofer has confirmed to CAR Online that a range of tii performance options will be launched soon on the company ‘s smaller models. He has finally ruled out a rumoured M1 version of the 1-series and said the tii spec would be the most performance-oriented model, claiming the the twin-turbo 135i was quite fast enough (it does 0-62mph in 5.3sec, after all).

>The tii concept shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show points accurately to the approach BMW is developing: performance kits for the 1-series coupe and hatchback, an aero package, carbonfibre details, fatter wheels and tyres, sports seats and instruments. There ‘s even talk of a new M-style steering wheel with integrated LED rev counter.

But wait… is that last paragraph just referencing the BMW Performance parts that will be available later this summer that we ‘ve already seen officially announced? It certainly sounds like it to us. While there may be some special edition coming, we wonder if Car is misquoting Mr. Reithofer in this article. If there will be a special edition we expect it to feature a revised 3.0L turbo engine with slightly more power. But we don ‘t expect many other upgrades. Suspension? Perhaps. Exhaust? Perhaps. But an entire car that is reengineered a la an M car? Don ‘t hold your breath.

Here ‘s an excerpt of the key part of the Q&A:

>Q: But the original tii was much more than a cosmetic equipment package…

>A: ‘True. On the other hand, the 135i already plays kind of a tii role within the 1series. ‘

So one could gather it will likely be mostly cosmetic based on that answer.

>Q: Isn ‘t the danger that the tii suffix could be seen as just decorative? CAR thinks there should be substance to back up the badge…

>A: ‘I don´t disagree. But we need a bit more time – to define the evolution of the tii theme and to physically develop it. ‘

And here one could gather that the “tii ” branding will develop as they produce product plans that take it into account (ie the next generation 1 and 3).