BMW European Delivery Video

Our series on European Delivery continues with a video tour of the new facilities at the WELT. This pre-release video, a rough cut, will eventual grace the the BMWUSA website. It does a nice job of showing the WELT and explaining the program features at the location in general. A picture is worth a thousand words, so less writing and reading is involved than would normally be required for an experience/venue of such detail.Watch it while you can. We are fairly sure with the increased traffic it will be receiving it will end up being removed from the site as it is still in rough form. Then you will just need to wait until it is officially released on the BMW site. You can see it here

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  • Jon

    Someday, looking forward to seeing a Regensburg Z4. While I don’t think the M cars are available for this program I would love nothing more that to take delievry of a future Z4 M Coupe at the Welt.

  • //M cars are available for ED they just are not discounted and come out of dealer allocation. There are no additional costs but no savings on the price of the car.

  • I cannot wait to do this.

  • Matt

    last night i was convinced i was keeping the MINI. now, not so much.

  • The Welt is something amazing, add that to the factory tour and new museum and it is almost Disney (for people that like that sort of thing!). Euro Delivery is addicting and is the only way to buy a car. Next week we will have the financing portion of our series completed (there has been a LOT of news to keep up with).

  • Jon

    Very interesting Michael, I will be looking hard at starting to talk to one of the local dealerships that has done a lot of ED.

    Any idea when your taking the bite out of that apple Gabe and Matt? I am assuming correctly that Matt your looking at the 1 series as well.

    Great series of stories Michael thanks for putting in the work for us all.

  • I test drove a 135i over the weekend. I fell in love IMMEDIATELY! Now looking into the logistics of trading in my MCS, etc. Unfortunately, Euro delivery is not an option for me at this time. Although, it would be fantastic to do!!!

  • If anyone is ever looking for a car to be built, just let us know and we will try our best to make it happen. We do not work for dealers and are independent but sometimes one of our connections can make things happen!

  • Jon

    Still waiting to see what they do with the Z4 E89 redesign when they finally announce it this fall. Keep hoping that we will see another coupe version to be developed by the M group.

  • If anyone is ever looking for a car to be built, just let us know and we will try our best to make it happen. We do not work for dealers and are independent but sometimes one of our connections can make things happen!

    Hmmm… Can you elaborate please? I built the car I want via the BMW web site, but obviously would need to order it from somewhere. Spoke to the dealer – but so far not happy with their offer of trade on my MCS.

  • I can elaborate: Some dealers may have their allotment filled and others may not. As far as trading the Mini you will always get more selling it outright or trading to a BMW dealer that also owns a Mini dealership. Will the demand and value of the Mini slip becuase of the 1 is a question I have always had.

  • Thanks Michael. I did consider that I may get more on the trade in via a BMW/MINI dealership. I know I could get more via private party, but there are less taxes to pay if I trade the car towards the new one. Still exploring.

    As to the demand for the MINI slipping due to the 1 – valid question that I have wondered myself. Having driven the 1 though, now, they are definitely different cars. The price points are definitely different factors as well though. The 135i I built online – and will ultimately order is a very high price point. It’s a loaded 1-series. So there is some of the difference there.

    I will say though, at the dealership I was at, they do not have a MINI dealer and they were kind of snobby towards the MINI. The dealership owner thanked me for coming in and said “it’s a nice little car”. That’s what he said about my MINI. I wanted to slap him. 🙂

  • Chaz

    Stop it! You are driving me crazy. I have had my 3 series on order for 7 months (wanting a summer ED experience). I’m getting antsy as I get close!

    (Just sold my old BMW through Craig’s list and got about 3 times what a dealer would give me.)