Jalopnik Reviews the X6

It ‘s nice to see our friends at Jalopnik get into the press junket fun. It ‘s a solid review of what has to be (for better or worse) BMW ‘s most ridiculous vehicle made to date.

The 2009 BMW X6 isn ‘t great on a racetrack. This thought occurs during my third lap when I realize — the throttle wide open, exiting a corner at 100mph — this may not be the best sports car out there. My next thought is “But this is a 4,993lbs SUV. ” And that ‘s the point where you realize what we have here is something entirely new.

+ 2009 BMW X6, Part One /Jalopnik

+ 2009 BMW X6, Part Two /Jalopnik

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  • that car is sure sexy. If i ever got an SUV (and I own a MINI so thats a stretch for me) I would have always thought of the X5 but something even sportier (X6) then sign me up because its not like anybody buys their damn SUV to go into the jungle and load it with stuff. its just max of 2 people in it