There will be no M X5 (Period)

Just a reality check for all those sites out there claiming to have pictures a true M X5 circling the ‘Ring. It ‘s not going to happen – it was never going to happen. The car currently being tested is simply a sport edition of the new X5 a la the 4.8is from the 1st generation. It will come with the twin turbo V8 and put just over 400 hp. This is the same engine currently in the X6-50i and the same engine that will see the light of day in the new 7 Series next year.

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  • eager2own

    Wasn’t the 4.8is an M X5 except in name only?

  • Gabe…. I think I saw a V16 1er the other day while I was visiting the ‘ring. It had funky tailpipes and sounded mean, it must be the M1!

    Just joking around…. but in all seriousness I have heard from several people that this new V8 has LAG and is not ready for the prime time yet, they have been testing it like crazy in SC to lessen the lag prior to the launch in May for the X6.

  • Jon

    Best news of the day, just my small world view I have little patience for sport-utes toting the M badge around heh.

  • The 4.6is or 4.8is had a few small M logos on wheels and the like but it in no way was designed and conceived by the M division like the M3 etc.

  • How hard/easy is it to come by M logo’d decals and the like in the aftermarket? I see BMW’s with logo’s and such that don’t seem to make sense. I saw an X5 the other day that had a “Turbo” insignia on the back right tailgate.

    These are annoying – especially if they are only for show.

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  • Art

    Any chance this “is” version could come with the xdrive35d?

  • MLauger

    Expanding on Gabe: 4.8is an M – hardly. M cars are much more than hotted up and rebadged versions of standard BMW models. Technically M GMBH is an independently operating subsidiary of BMW AG that takes the standard models tears them down, builds new components and systems, and relaunches a new model – an M car.

    The 4.8is was little more than an option package offered through the standard BMW line, not a model developed by M. It did include some M-Sport components such as wheels, etc., but these M-Sport components accessories sold through BMW, but not developed by M.

    For the same reason there is no M7, M GMBH’s mission is to create sports cars with technology derived from their involvement in BMW’s racing programs. The compromises of a large saloon such as the 7er or an “SAV” like the X5 in this goal has been reflected in many statements by M that they will never build versions of these models.

  • Any news on the M7?

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