Spied: BMW 2009 F01 7 Series Interior

A few days ago we brought you a nice example of the next generation 7 series from the outside. Today we give you a photo of the new interior it will be sporting. There are many changes in overall button placement and layout. The controller has moved and there are added buttons on the steering wheel. The iDrive system appears to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Update: This has been verified by several sources that this is indeed the interior in design. The choice of materials and quality of them are not the finished product. This is a pre-production prototype or supplier mock-up. The production car will be made of higher quality items, and there will be an option for a leather dash. The layout is correct and so is the overall execution. The materials are just not at the final production quality.

click to enlarge [Auto Bild]

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  • Just blows my mind how massive the 7-series is. Saw one in the show room yesterday. Yet – I still want one. Seems to me there is a lot more wood – like maybe half a tree worth? Not sure I like it or not yet.

  • there is a lot more wood, and it is emphasized by the way it is trimmed. Looks like they copied Audi in a number of ways. It is about time; Audi interiors are the best in the industry.

    As for the size, it is a land yacht especially in the long wheel base. There is supposed to be more differentiation between the two this go around.

  • David S.

    So about how long is it gonna take for folks to complain about the panel gap and fitment on the glovebox?

  • bmwfan

    I really hope 2009 3 series coupe will have the nav system laid out in a similar style to this spy photo. I know a lot of people are turned of by the current interior layout, and that is one reason I am too holding back.

  • david

    this is looking really good. don’t see any audish interior design in this shot. i think audi’s interior is very refined with high quality material, the design language is pretty good but doesn’t match with its exterior styling, since one is about complex one is about simplicity. bmw has always been trying to make the interior feels like exterior. but the last few models didn’t quite make it. but this new 7 series really has improved a lot.

  • Rickey

    Do I see a return to a driver oriented interior? It looks like the controls are all angled towards the driver. That has been one of my biggest disappointments in the newer BMW interiors, they treated the passenger as an equal and had the center console pointed equally toward the driver and passenger (ie flat across the front). Good to see a return to the driver oriented interior!

  • Barry

    I am very impressed about that mock-up. I hope is true that the RollsRoyce quality control guys gave this the once over.

  • dambmw

    Looks good, big improvement, I just hope this styling makes it to the 3-series refresh?

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  • Fabrice

    Looks nice, but that nav screen looks too small. You’d think they’d have a larger screen than the previous model.

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  • BenzMan

    Ha, any change be it in whatever direction makes an improvement to the E65 (current 7). Don’t look at gaps at this time, preproduction samples never fit exactly. But this picture is good news 4 me. our 221 (current S-class) looks much better…

  • BenzMan thanks for the comment! The S class is the top of the line Benz…. the 7 will no longer be that for BMW, there is going to be one model stationed above it and below the new “Baby” Rolls Royce. Since writing this there have been a few other interior items that we have learned and will be able to share shortly… this pre-production is just for placement and general design not all things you see are final…. Stay tuned! I also agree that the S has a better interior than these spy shots but the final result will be a bit different, and considering RR had a good deal of say in the layout I think we will all be pleasantly surprised.

  • HA-MA

    UMMMM I hope this shift knob canable to detach. And no need like this push button alot! 

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  • Adrian

    and also the return of the engine temp gauge. Nobody looks at it anyway “you cooked the motor lady!” but , but …. And BMW pays for it !

  • Ruslan, Kazakhstan

    The central console possible was unfold the strongly to driver. Also was necessary to make a vizor on TV (as in old model) – was one more BMW’ brand style.

  • О бля не хуево!