Exclusive: E60 Spotted with Updated iDrive

First we saw the updated iDrive interface on the F01 2009 7 Series. Then it was the facelifted E90 2009 3 Series. Now we ‘ve recieved word (and an exclusive image) that the new interface controller could make it ‘s way to the E60 for the ’09 model year.

As you can see in the photo the controller features the same button configuration seen in recent photos of the E90 and F01 with the updated iDrive. The idea behind the change is to allow for the driver or passenger to access data in a more efficient manner by creating shortcut buttons to common tasks and even a back button. Also seen in a recent picture of the new F01 7 Series is a thumb scroll wheel meant to allow the driver easier access to long lists of data. It ‘s interesting to note that we do not see that feature in the E60. From that can we expect any current generation car with the update won ‘t be getting that handy addition? Or is this feature only there on cars equipped with navigation (remember the E60 doesn ‘t come standard with the option). We ‘ll hopefully have more on this soon.

That aside, one of our sources has confirmed that this update should begin production around 09/08 assuming all things go well with final testing.

So we have now seen this udpated iDrive controller on three 2009 BMWs, the new 7er, the aging 5er and the current E90 3er. What this tells us is that BMW seems interested in implementing this change throughout the range as soon as possible. In fact it ‘s perhaps particularly telling that BMW will be updating the E60, a car scheduled to be replaced for the 2010 model year. While we can ‘t confirm this new iDrive interface controller will show-up on other models for 2009, we wouldn ‘t be entirely surprised.

One thing to note. The above images are not spy photos but final marketing pics. While we can ‘t go into detail about where the photos are from, we can clearly say that what you see above is not a test mule but final images for marketing related material.


+ ’09 3 Series to Get Updated iDrive / BimmerFile

+ ’09 F01 7 Series Interior Revealed / BimmerFile

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  • I love new toys and wish I could wait until ’09 for my 135i – but I take delivery end of May. Guess I’ll have to wait until my 36 months is up to take advantage of new gadgetry.

  • N/A

    This picture (at least the 2nd) showed up on a German forum back in mid February this year. The person who posted it, found it on an official BMW configuration DVD. Could’ve been a glitch in the marketing quality control. Here’s the screenshot of the configuration application…

  • e92er

    So, will there be an update I-Drive for the E90 Facelifted? I am a little bit confused. Someone on the E90post forum stated that:

    “2009 BMW 3 Series WILL NOT get the new iDrive system…Very well informed sources have shared with us that the new iDrive system will definitely NOT be in the 2009 BMW 3 Series facelift. The improved iDrive system will be part of the 5 Series and it is currently being tested in the 5 series mules.”

    Can you please verify!?

  • What we know and what someone else knows is apparently two different things. Not all sources know all things. This person is also claiming that the new iDrive will not be in the NEW F01 7 Series, while another person on the same blog wonders why the 3 would get it before the 7 this fall… you figure that out. What we know is that there is in fact a new iDrive controller, that may be in the 3 this fall or at latest next Spring. The new system will eventually make it across the entire line. Remember the A4 (the biggest competitor to the 3 outside the US) is brand new and has MMI now….. BMW will take a hit if they do not change something in the 3 Fast. The market outside the US is very important because of the value of the dollar currently.

  • BMWBlog

    Michael, I’m sure you were talking about us as being the “other blog” and I think you were referring to Irv as well.

    First of all, Irv has never stated on our blog that the iDrive will be in the 7 before the 3, and second, Irv has his own thing at edBMW and BMW Blog is a total different entity. They used to be related at one point, but not anymore. Irv did leave his personal comment on here saying that it would not make sense for BMW to have the new iDrive in the 3 before the 7, but that was just a personal opinion. Also, he might be right since it looks like the 7 will be out before the 3 facelifted.

    And also, we have NEVER stated that the new iDrive will not be in the new 7, on the contrary, it seems like it will be part of the 09 7 series.

    And last, I think the more exciting news at this point is the 4 wheel steering that will be available for the 7, now that’s something interesting.

  • BMWBLOG: I guess my understanding of the English language must not be as well developed as yours considering on your site it clearly states that the system will be in the upcoming 5 series and is being tested in the mules. Last time I checked the mules were for the F10 (BMW will release it in a completely NEW model as you stated). And since the F10 5 is coming AFTER the F01 7 you contradict your self saying the 7 will in fact get it. You may want to check your sources or wording, something is not correct. You have made this situation complicated for our readers and BMW fans in general. We have never given a precise timeline on the release of this ,and will not until BMW has confirmed it so I am truly sure why you continue to address that we are incorrect…. we are correct, please read our entries in their entirety and realize that we clearly state the 7 will receive it first (not the 5 as you state) and then it will trickle to other models. As for the Four wheel steering, that will be a major mistake for BMW, and we are not overly excited about it. If they do add it it will be for the F02 long wheel base. Four wheel steering was developed nearly a century ago and has never caught on because if the car is engineered correctly the system is not necessary and it is overly complex adding more weight to a car.

    Glad to hear that Irv is doing well and that he has continued to pursue his ED items and not focus on other things, it gets to be too much when there are lots of projects going on.

  • Is it a competition – one Blog versus another Blog? I realize “scooping” a story is a big deal and nice to be able to do… But for another Blogger to go on someone else’s Blog and blast their “scoop” as wrong – i.e.: BMWBLOG trying to discredit BF – is pathetic. I’ll admit, I had never heard of BMWBLOG until they started doing such things on BF. Now that I’ve heard of it, I have no interest in checking their Blog out.

  • BMWBlog

    Michael, the wording might have been confusing, maybe, but we never talked about the 7 not getting the iDrive. That article was in reference to 3 and 5 series. We have never said that you guys are wrong, far from it. We just posted what our sources told us. If we are wrong, I will be the first one to issue an apology. Many times websites,forums, blogs or newspapers are wrong, so it happens. All the major blogs make mistakes as well, but life goes on. I enjoy your blog and even though GSKChicago thinks that we are in a competition, far from it. And also GSKChicago, we never went on here to blast anyone, and we even used our own name instead of using a fake name and post comments. I think that shows that we didn’t want to hide behind a screen and put down BF. Actually, we even linked to articles on here, so please tell me what “competing” blogs post links to another? So please, don’tuse words as pathetic and such, since we try to keep a civilized language on here and you might be wrong this time.

    Good luck guys and I hope you’re doing well and maybe one we can even setup a BMWBLOG/Bimmerfile meet for all our readers.

    P.S Yes, Irv is doing really well, and the truth is that edBMW blog was started by two people, one being him, since he had more experience in the industry. We still consult with him on different things.

  • Jan

    If not this year BMW will have to introduce the new iDrive in early ’09 in the 3er. The A4 has the nice looking MMI in the standard configuration and the C-Klasse received an upgraded Command system last year while the iDrive didn’t receive a real upgrade (the color change doesn’t count) for years and looks pretty outdated now. A more intelligent color concept and different fonts would be good a start.

    I’m in the market for the LCI 3er but I won’t buy the car with the current iDrive.

  • Chris McKillop

    I’m sad. This new iDrive is ugly — totally destroys the clean lines of the current generation. It’s like going from a Mac to a Windows PC — buttons all over.

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