First we saw the updated iDrive interface on the F01 2009 7 Series. Then it was the facelifted E90 2009 3 Series. Now we ‘ve recieved word (and an exclusive image) that the new interface controller could make it ‘s way to the E60 for the ’09 model year.

As you can see in the photo the controller features the same button configuration seen in recent photos of the E90 and F01 with the updated iDrive. The idea behind the change is to allow for the driver or passenger to access data in a more efficient manner by creating shortcut buttons to common tasks and even a back button. Also seen in a recent picture of the new F01 7 Series is a thumb scroll wheel meant to allow the driver easier access to long lists of data. It ‘s interesting to note that we do not see that feature in the E60. From that can we expect any current generation car with the update won ‘t be getting that handy addition? Or is this feature only there on cars equipped with navigation (remember the E60 doesn ‘t come standard with the option). We ‘ll hopefully have more on this soon.

That aside, one of our sources has confirmed that this update should begin production around 09/08 assuming all things go well with final testing.

So we have now seen this udpated iDrive controller on three 2009 BMWs, the new 7er, the aging 5er and the current E90 3er. What this tells us is that BMW seems interested in implementing this change throughout the range as soon as possible. In fact it ‘s perhaps particularly telling that BMW will be updating the E60, a car scheduled to be replaced for the 2010 model year. While we can ‘t confirm this new iDrive interface controller will show-up on other models for 2009, we wouldn ‘t be entirely surprised.

One thing to note. The above images are not spy photos but final marketing pics. While we can ‘t go into detail about where the photos are from, we can clearly say that what you see above is not a test mule but final images for marketing related material.


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