Photos of the new BMW M1 concept have hit the web. The concept car is intended to pay homage to the M1 and (if rumors are to be believed) generate interest in a potential production model. Does this mean that what you see to your right may actually point towards the long rumored mid-engined super-car? We ‘re doubtful but it ‘s certainly fun to speculate. And speaking of super-cars, has the entire scoop. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>At the Villa d ‘€™Este Concours, BMW ignited passion for its heritage by reincarnating the seminal M1. The new design was shown at a private party over the weekend to generate interest in the program. It was placed alongside an original M1 as well as the 1972 Turbo Concept.

>The scope of the new M1 project is uncertain, but BMW are dedicated enough to champion the new visual design. At the Villa d’Este Concours they showed a non-functional styling buck, with no engine and interior, but with working lights and steering.

>The 2008 M1’s styling is a new direction for BMW and a departure from Chris Bangle’s flame surfacing that changed the entire BMW line. Now we have more purposeful lines, a void of extraneous curves and a more purposeful stance. BMW said this was a new direction that would trickle down to all BMW models.

You can see more photos and read the rest of the article below:

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Photo Courtesy of Matteo TT Stucchi