M1 Homage Concept Video

Yesterday BMW released a short video of Adrian Van Hooydonk talking about the new M1 Homage Concept. While we could have simple grabbed the file from the BMW press site and posted on Youtube like any other automotive site, we thought we ‘d try something a little different. In an effort to give you a better appreciation for what the M1 (in both road and racing form) we ‘ve edited together a handful of related clips (including quite a bit of vintage M1 footage) throughout the talk. Enjoy.

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  • Nozz

    Fantastic! I’ll take 2 please.

  • Awesome work! That is how things should be done!

  • Jon

    Still have to say I prefer the 135 tii demonstrator over this design. Still another interesting concept design shows creativity is alive and well at BMW.

  • Lee L

    I really liked the vintage Ring footage.

  • davidgo

    GREAT VIDEO!!! Great pro car footage!

    i have been staring at pics of this car all week. it’s offically my favorite car ever. love the sharp edges and how “they are expression of BMW enginereing precision”