Inside BMW\’s xDrive

Here is a nice video with CGI that shows the premise of the X-drive system in many BMW models. The X6 is the only exception. The system transfers power from front to rear as needed.

It differs from many other manufacturers in the front drive application and location of the system. It is not symmetrical and the differences in the length of the drive axles can create a front “torque ” steer, though not significant.

Watch carefully and realize there is a hiccup in the system on the 5er wagon when it is on the incline with one side on ice….

There are some great safety and performance advantages to all-wheel drive and especially in snow and inclement weather, drifting anyone?


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  • Barry

    I would love to see this go up against Audi’s AWD. IMO, they make the worlds greatest AWD system. My Minnesota buddy swears by his RS4.

  • Barry, I have had 4 cars with Quattro, and it has many advantages over my XI. It also has some disadvantages though. They both operate differently, and is part of the reason they are not equal. The new generation in the X6 will have many of the Quattro advantages and less of the issues, the main issue is low speed cornering and the system binding. The Quattro system is better in snow, but the BMW system is better in day to day driving. Both newer generations will have great improvements and get closer to the Porsche 4 system (even though Porsche will be utilizing Haldex Quattro reportedly in the future).

  • Sam

    Amazing video, especially showing the patches of ice on the hills and how the car adjusts. Having just been through a rough winter in the mountains, I know my next car will have xDrive!

  • Barry

    Sweeet….thanks for your insight Michael.