Just in hot off the presses. BMW has announced price increases.
Base prices and packages will see increases depending on the model of car. The models released this calendar year will not see base increases (1,//M3, X6) but will see packaging increases. So for all those that wondered why the 1 was so closely priced to the 3, you now have your answer: BMW built the increase in already!

$300 on the X5, Z4, 328i, and 528i

$400 on the 335i and 535i

$600 on the X3

$1000 on the M5, M6, 750i, 750Li, and 6 Series

$1500 on the 760Li

$50 increase in destination charge (to $825)

Certain models will also have these increases:

$50 increase in automatic transmission

$75 increase in metallic paint option

$100 increase for premium package

$100 increase for the sport package.

Please see the pricing bulletin