BMW 635d

Yes that is right, a 6 series with a sequential turbo diesel! We have no idea if or when this car will tour the streets of the US. It is just interesting to read the rave reviews this engine is receiving.

The shear fact that even in a larger car it is still able to reel in 34 mpg (when converted from imperial gallons) and have excellent performance is astonishing. We look forward to BMW finally allowing the US to have the engine much of the world has already been enjoying!

This review is from “The Car Enthusiast ” out of the UK. Check out all the photos and the entire article here

A new breed of GT – Dave Jenkins | A Week at the Wheel | Cambs, England | BMW 635d | Engine & Transmission: BMW ‘s existing engine line-up was hardly lacking in terms of quality – each of the petrol units in the line-up are gems in their own rights. The addition of a diesel model to the 6 Series range was something we had mused about in the past, but until the introduction of this engine BMW probably lacked the courage to push oil burners into this market sector. However, with the introduction of the increasingly common 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, sequentially twin-turbocharged engine there was little risk of falling short of market expectations. In actual fact the engine, combined with the latest automatic gearbox, adds more attributes to the 6 Series ‘ list of talents and accentuates many of those already present. The effortless muscularity of the diesel matches the punch of the big petrol engines and the long legged nature actually adds to the refinement, the tacho registering little more than 2,000rpm at motorway speeds with nothing but a murmur reaching the cabin. In addition to this the obvious benefits of economy figures pushing towards the 40mpg mark makes the 635d the sensible choice of powertrain for all but the most ardent petrol fan or power nut. Overall: It didn ‘t take the mind of a rocket scientist to come up with this combination of GT and the world ‘s best diesel engine, but BMW ‘s courage to bring it to the market place is admirable; it raises the 6 Series ‘ game to a new level. One can ‘t help feeling that the competition will follow: a turbodiesel Jaguar XK is a mouth-watering possibility, but for now the BMW 635d enjoys a free reign as something of a pioneer in its class.
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  • 35 MPG is fantastic! Quite impressive.

    I love the term “imperial diesel” – is there any ego behind that term? 🙂

  • Barry


    what is the mpg ”not-converted??”


  • rk

    You can’t just convert from imperial MPG to US MPG because the test methods are different.

    Other wise the 335d would be getting about highway 40+mpg vs 33mpg (official).

  • rk

    in the UK uncoverted MPG for extra urban is 50.4MPG (imperial)

  • Barry

    Ahh okay. Thank RK.

  • RK- Yes the cycles are different and no you can’t compare EPA estimates to the cycles in Europe. What was converted was the testers average while testing the car for the review(40 miles per imperial gallon during his stint in the car). This should be a number that can just be converted because the only difference is the gallon vs. the imperial gallon; the reviewer did not do a specific cycle and was driving the car as a regular enthusiast.

    As far as the 335d is concerned I have heard that the estimates are a good deal under the actual anticipated mpg.

    Since the EPA began recalculating the estimates last year they have dropped across the board so the 33 is still a good number though conservative when compared to others.

    I have a great video of a 3er diesel that I will put up later in the week!

    Thanks for you comments and keep them coming!

  • rk


    Thanks for the additional info. I was busy at work and didn’t get a chance to read the full article.

    I also read the same about the 335d actual MPG from various UK forums. I am looking for a long distance cruiser (L.A. to Oakland ~400miles each way) and I would love a 335d or even 123d 🙂 I was using a e39 530i for that purpose and recently sold it. If the real world mpg for the 335d approaches 40mpg (highway) I’m in with both feet.