The BMW NG6 Project, Next Generation 6 (cylinder) was begun over 6 years ago. This document is believed to have been originally found in the garbage of a BMW facility back in 2003. It may be the notes from one of the engineers after they attended a meeting or presentation. So far all of the engines depicted on this have come to fruition, the only one the US has not seen is the N53.

The N53 utilizes the second generation direct injection system found on the N54 twin turbo in a naturally aspirated form to increase power and efficiency. There is some indication that we may see this engine introduced stateside in the not so distant future, though these could be just circulating rumors. What we do know is that the EU has had this engine in use since last September; indicating the dates and info on the engineering notes may have changed since then.

This engine could be part of the reason for the extended period of testing for the E90 facelift. If this engine is utilized for the US in the E90, expect to see a return of the 330. There is an issue with bringing this to the US and isn ‘t related todirect injection, but rather the lean-burn technology that it uses to maximize efficiency.That results in higher temperatures which leads, given our fuel here, to higher NOx emissions. So unless BMW and others have been working on a method to lessen the NOx emissions, direct injection with lean burn will not see the light of day in the US. These higher levels are directly related to our poorer quality of fuel when compared to the EU. Similar issues were encountered with the previous diesel in the US, but manufacturers have found a way!