It Keeps on Going and Going…..

Earlier in the week we promised you a short video starring a BMW diesel, well here it is. It is entitled: Passing the Pumps with a Smile. It stars what appears to be a 320d (something we won ‘t see in the US) on a long distance road trip. Watch how many times they need to stop for fuel, or rather the stations they pass. I wonder why the US is so hung up on hybrids considering these diesels will outperform and out mpg them; this baby averaged just under 58 mpg on this trip. Let ‘s hope that the rumors of the 335d mpg being a very conservative estimate are even partially true!

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  • mlg2ca

    Fully agree ! I don’t understand either what is the problem. These new diesels outperforms curent hybrids hands down. I’ve travelled to the UK on a few occasions in the past few years and have experienced these engines first hand. All I can say is WOW ! You ride on a never-ending wave of torque and still do 40 to 50 mpg !

  • Chaz

    I don’t particularly care for diesels as I would rather have the Horsepower than the Torque (i.e. something that revs better). However, the 320d would be on my shopping list. In France I could drive 1000km/tank on a VAG turbodiesel (Golf), and on the Autobahn got over 40mpg doing over 100MPH in a Mercedes A classe. I tried that in a Toyota Corolla once in Wyoming and got 17mpg.

    With cheaper Diesel prices in Europe, you can see why Toyota can not sell many hybrids there. Unfortunately Diesel is a hard sell here without some type of price parity. Still, if I had the choice it would be hard to pass on a 320d.

  • Enzo

    The problem is very simple!

    2/3’s of all refining is for gas. Of the remaining 1/3, only 1/4 is for fuel, the rest is for home heating.

    In Europe, it is just about flipped. We have a single simple problem in the US, we have no plan and we do need more refineries but nobody wants them in their backyard and the current dogma would never let them be built. Thus, you see diesel ready to hit $5/gal in some areas in the USA which is driving up food prices even further. So, whatever you would save in MPG, will be negated by higher diesel prices.

  • Balthazar B

    Enzo, this is beginning to change, although the effect won’t be felt for a while.

    WSJ: Refiners Tilt to Diesel over Gasoline (

  • CvD

    I read about this drive from Copenhagen to London in a BMW magazine at my dealer. It was an interesting read, moreso than the video actually. 🙂

    My 2000 320D does about 6L/100km which comes to 40 mpg, which is nice considering diesel is about $8/gallon here. Not as bad as regular gas which is $9/gallon.