BMW 555i spotted in Cali

Jalopnik has a photo of a car badged 555i that a reader sent in from California. Is this a test mule for the 555 we had mentioned earlier or just someone changing a badge? Our sources are on it and we will continue to update as we get more information. You can read-up on the 555i if you haven ‘t already here in one of our past articles.

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  • 5 Rakete

    Pretty sure this car/badge combo has been seen before. Believe I saw a picture of this badge redo a few months ago on Bimmerfest. The decklid on this car indicates it’s not even an LCI car, it’s a pre-2008.

  • Barry

    I dont think its anything to worry about. I had a 1.8t badge on my old Jetta. Ebay is your friend. 🙂

  • Pat H.

    Were there any more pictures of the car? Isn’t it safe to assume that if this car was in fact a 555i it would likely have the updated idrive system and possibly some other changes?

    I can’t imagine BMW would have a test mule running around with the 555i badge on it. If it was the real thing it would either be in full production trim, or just simply be badged a 550i.

  • Brett

    My take… some guy who knows the 555i is coming put the badge on there. Not a difficult task. I agree with all other posts. But it truly doesnt matter because the car is coming anyways.

  • 5 Rakete

    Yep, the 555i is coming, the question is only when: in the last run of the current E60 or in the new F10?

  • Brett

    Good question, 5 Rakete. Given BMW’s history, though, the 555i wont appear until the new F10. BMW has never introduced three engine changes in the top-of-the-line model of a series vehicle. Plus, the new 4.4L Twin-turbo V8 is so fresh. Since, the new F01 7 coming, which will be sure to carry it, the F10 5 series is only a year away from that debut. I bet we’ll be seeing this installment in late 09 to early 2010. Perhaps by then it will have been pumped up in power and efficiency. 🙂

  • Its like all the 3 series who slap an M badge on them…bangs head against the wall

  • eager2own

    ^ It’s even worse when non-M-available cars slap it on (ex. on an X5 . . . or on a MINI).

  • Barry

    The person that did this has issues. So much for being content with what you bought.

  • eager2own May 29th, 2008 Link ^ It’s even worse when non-M-available cars slap it on (ex. on an X5 . . . or on a MINI).

    YES! Around the Encio/Sherman Oaks area, I always see this X5 M…..Right off the Havenhurst exist of the 101N. I swear ive seen it there like 5 times. wtf.