BMW at the Canadian GP

History was made today for both Robert Kubica and BMW. Robert is the first Pole to win an F1 event. Today was also the first BMW victory since it began racing in F1.

To add to the celebration for team BMW/Sauber was a second place finish for Nick Heidfeld. These finishes place BMW neck and neck with Ferrari for the overall championship (BMW 3 points behind)! Kubica now leads the drivers in points with 42 over the 38 of Massa and Hamilton. An exciting race and an overall victorious day for BMW.

Picture from:GPupdate

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  • Jon

    It was a great race, way to go BMW!

  • Eliot R.

    Brilliant race to watch. Heidfeld definitely looked subdued on the podium but there is no question he needed this finish. BMW just has to keep it up. With Hamilton being handed a 10 grid spot penalty for that shunt, BMW should be in position to really consolidate that second place spot in the championship.

  • Great news and congratulations to Kubica/Heidfeld and the whole team/

    So, what’s the go with Heidfeld and Kubica, do they just hate each others guts, haha. Heidfeld looked pretty glum on the podium and his body language in the post race interviews was very telling, I thought.

  • mike

    It was a great race. I feel privileged to have been able to see it live and when Kubica got his first win for himself and his team on the track that, just a year ago, almost took his life, I have to admit I got a little misty eyed.

    I think everybody at the track, regardless of their color hat, was happy for Bob and Nick.