Future X5is Spied

Our friends over at BimmerPost have their spies out and getting some great shots of a prototype once again. Months back our sources insisted ///M was not working on an X5 version as they did not want to water down the image like AMG has done by throwing the badge on anything with 4 wheels.

What was hinted at was a replacement to the current 4.8is utilizing the new N63 twin turbo V8 that the X6 has. What the actual X5 badge will say is anyones guess at this point. The motor produces 400hp and 450 ft/lbs. in its current form. BMW has big plans for this forced induction motor as it will also be utilized in the future 555i, and the F01/02 7 series.

The photo shows dual air boxes much like the current twin turbos have and what has been seen in the X6. Expect bigger brakes, beefier exhaust, adjustable suspension and of course larger and wider rims and tires to go along with the aggressive exterior changes.

Update 7/9/08 We have added 2 additional shots of this performance model taken within the US during hot weather testing.

Top Photo:BimmerPost.com

Additional photos: Scoopy/DNMotor

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  • Barry

    Good for BMW. This engine in the 555i would put it dangerously close to the current-gen M5. RoadandTrack clocked the V8 X6 to 60mph in 4.8seconds and 13.3 in the quarter. I predict the 555i will end up being a 12second car! Thats fast for anything not wearing an //M badge in my book.

  • Whatever the application this engine should prove to be powerful and efficient for what it produces.

    I have heard from a few people that this engine shows a bit of lag in production form but not in prototypes…. I am sure that has to do with software and will be worked out.

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