E89 Z4 illustrated (beautifully)

After the surprise reveal of the GINA concept last week BMW gave away some more design details for the upcoming Z4. Left Lane News set their illustrators up with some of the recent spy photos, some commentary and the GINA concept. What they came up with is a very accurate, though not perfect rendition of the upcoming Z.

Notice the decrease in flame surfacing and the reverse broken shoulder line as we had pointed out a last month. Overall the car looks more elegant and larger than the soon to be decommissioned model. July will ring in the end of the American 2 seater as the new model will be built in Germany.

You can read more about the E89 Z in our past post here and more about the interior here.

Photos from LeftLaneNews.com via BMWBlog.com

Update: Continue on for Spy photos!

These are the latest spy photos that we meant to post last week (photos from Scoopy/MoterDN):

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  • Barry

    Woohoo!! BMW’s most trusted web-informant says that rendering is 94% accurate. Take it as you wish. I’ll put BIG BUCKS on it. I loove it!

  • mike

    There’s something very S2000 about this car.

  • Barry,

    The source (he is great!)is definitely right. There are certain things that are a bit off (to my eye and some other shots I have seen (which I may now add actually) the broken shoulder being one of them. It is darn close and is a looker!

  • Jon

    Love the rendering, really looking forward to seeing the new Z4 once it comes out. Either this car or a Z2 in a M development is likely to become my next car.

  • Barry

    Mike, I own a 2nd-gen s2k. That probably while I like it. I have high hops for this car. The Z4 has always been somewhat of a dud in the respect dept for BMW. 🙁

  • CMack

    Hopefully they will produce a coupe again as well. I love the current M coupe, and this e89 looks well on its way to being a great car. Nice to hear it is going to be made in Germany too.

  • Jon

    Totally agree on both points CMack. The coupe is actually the only version that really appeals to me. Being made in Germany is another cheap excuse for a trip across the pond again.

  • Not sure about the coupe (yet) as it will be a hard top convertible. Time will tell.

  • Jon

    I love the current M coupe, and aspire to own one, someday. This new version is also really great.

    I wonder: will this have the same engine as the M3? That wonderful V8 would be amazing!

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