BMW PAS debut: Frankfurt \’09

All indicators are go for the PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) according to Auto Motor und Sport and it will hit the stage in Frankfurt next year.

Essentially think F10 5 series, in hatch back form rather than a sport wagon, an X6 without the “X “. There have been some spy shots on the net but this artist impression is a good look at what the overall theme of the vehicle will be.

It is interesting that they are going to build this “hatch ” and more than likely target the US with it but have no plans to bring the hatch people actually want, the 1 Series. BMW does intend to design and build a car for each niche market moving forward but the real question is if this model will replace the sport wagon and/or just impact the sales number of them.

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  • Barry

    That looks pretty damn good. I hope it ends up looking quite similar.

  • jakay11

    Actually, this is the answer to M-B CLS “4-door coupe”

    For some reason Americans are hung-up on “needing” 4-door sedans or SUVs for 2 people to go to the theater, dinner, or commuting.

    I am not one of those people however.

  • Jaykay11:

    It is CLS like, but the BMW CS Concept which may be changed to the Gran Tourismo (GT) will be produced and is the direct competitor to the CLS.

    BMW is taking that design concept (coupe) and putting it in different markets, X6, and this PAS.

  • TMQ

    Again, I don’t quite get it. Maybe the wagon sales is too slow in the U.S. that BMW wants the back of the wagon to have a chopped shape? I originally thought that the intent is to seat more than 5 people?

  • TMQ that was the original intention, like the R class but BMW dropped that plan after the failure of that model. Next we will have the Van Concept!