BMWCCA Track Day at Gingerman

Including a sneak peak at one of our upcoming reviews…

[pictobrowser bridger 72157605891167619]
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  • Jon

    Hmmm looks like you got a chance to shove the new convertible M3 around the track. While not a convertible fan I would have to say less intrusion between the monster under the hood and the driver is a bonus.

  • //M3 convertible…. maybe or maybe not, maybe something a bit more practical or a bit more rare at the same time. Maybe it is a convertible 🙂

  • Dan

    Only 1 shot of the Carrera GT, so I’m guessing not that one.

  • The car that you’ll be reading about will of course be the convertible M3. But first you’ll get our M3 sedan review – coming very very soon.


    and no convertibles allowed for Windy City BMWCCA Driver’s School unless a roll bar has been installed.

    I was at this event and didn’t even notice the M3 convertible!


  • Chaz

    I have to remember to do this next year (even though it is a rather flat track). This year I was tied up at the Nürburgring – Nordschleife, so I have a good excuse. Insanely fast track. Saw several Carrera GT’s, Ferarris, and more. The oddest looking car was a 4 door Porsche sedan driving around the area (not on the track). On my way home I saw him again, this time going 250+kph (I was probably doing 200kph)

  • Chaz, Sounds like you saw the soon the be released Porsche Panorama, a 4 door coupe/sedan. A direct competitor to the MB CLS, and the BMW CS (concept now but will be Gran Tourismo)

  • jakay11

    Hmmm, lets see:

    A) Porsche Carerra GT B) Porsche GT3 (no that can’t be, this is the Bimmerfile, not Rennlist) C) review of the M3 Sedan, without its top 🙂