2009 7 Series revealed

Today we finally get to see what all the cat and mouse games have been hiding; the NEW F01/02 BMW 7 Series. These photos are to be utilized in future marketing for the model. Our information on the menu layout of the new iDrive is also partially confirm within these photos. We will of course have more detailed info within the next few days if not later on today. In some of the images you can see the Four Cylinder and BMW museum buildings, also some appear to be taken inside the Welt. Images obtained via Flickr.

7/4– It appears the Flickr stream has been removed we do apologize and will upload the pictures as we have time later in the day.We wish everyone a happy and healthy 4th of July. For now here is the link to 7Post

[pictobrowser 27620885@N02 72157605944739349]
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  • Eliot R.

    I love the interior, but the exterior… is just too bland for me. I wanted something much more related to the CS. Instead, it is a toned down E65 with big kidney grills. Still, would be a tough decision between this and the S-Class.

  • Seconded on the interior. Looks fantastic. Exterior not sure yet. Likely will grow on me, as did the 1. First view of the 1 didn’t do much for me, of course now I’m in love with it.

    How much larger/smaller is the new 7-series compared to what’s out now? I assume interior space has grown (as if it’s not ginormous enough). But curious if the length, width, etc has changed much?

  • Hunter

    I’m not disappointed, per se, but I think that the rear of the car (especially the tan one) borrows one too many cues from the Lexus LS.

    On the interior, I’m not a fan of the newer BMW SAV/7-series steering wheels. Not too cute.

    Other than that, I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the final design. Love the side profile and headlamps. Grill and front end will grow on me.

  • Eliot R.

    “At 199.7 inches in length and 58.2 inches in height, it is 1.3 inches longer and 0.5 inch lower than its predecessor. Its 74.9-inch width, meanwhile, is the same.

    The biggest increase is reserved for the wheelbase, which at 121.0 inches has been bumped up by a considerable 3.3 inches. This has served to shorten the overhangs, most notably at the rear. The long-wheelbase Li model adds a further 5.5 inches to that figure, taking the wheelbase up to 126.5 inches. At the same time, the front and rear tracks have been taken out by 1.5 inches and 2.2 inches respectively at 63.4 inches and 65.0 inches.

    To keep weight in check, the new 7 Series gets plenty of aluminum, which is used for the hood, roof, doors and fenders. Still, at 4,288 pounds, the 750i bound for North America is 77 pounds heavier than before. The body itself is claimed to be significantly stiffer than before with extensive use of high-strength steel within the inner structure.”

    Link: click

  • Barry

    This car will be fast. Here is the results of the X6: 0-60mph. 1/2mi 13.3seconds. Keep in mind it weighs 800more pounds than the 7er. I predict a 12sec luxo barge. I loooove BMW.

  • Barry

    ^^I meant to say the X6 is good for 60mph in 4.8seconds. I expect the 7er to do a little better.

  • Khash

    Don’t like the ext to much thought it would be much different then what I thought…interior beautifully made…overall i give the new 7 a 6/10…the change from the old to the new 7 ….the old body i would choose because it has a much more agressive look…and bmw should of kept it ..What i really dislike about this new body is the rear …the rear is hidious