New iDrive in US spec car

 These spy photos from Schneider, originally surfaced in a thread on E90post. Since we have already broke cover on the official marketing photos, the exterior shots of a car clad in 10 pounds of metal screws is not all that interesting. However some interior shots of an early spec mule are.

Though these photos are new, they are of an older test car due to the heavy cladding it has; BMW over the last 6 months dropped the extra metal and has begun to use various tapes and patterns to “hide ” the cars. That means this car may not have the newest interior fittings but was used to test basic systems.

What we do see here is the new iDrive in a US spec 335d. We can not only tell it is the new iDrive from the fact the controller is covered but also because there is only one slot for a CD, not the two currently. It is easily identified as a US spec car because of the MPH on the speedometer (visible in other photos) and the AM/FM buttons in place of 7/8 for the shortcuts (for other markets).

The shots also show is the new to the LCI front parking sensors. This is a great new addition and aside from crash testing a different car we are not sure why they have not been there from the beginning of production on the E90/91.

All this is another hint that the US will be seeing the new iDrive, the 335d and all the features we have been telling you about.

Sources indicate that the official word will come on July 18, hopefully it will come a few days early like the 7 series did as there are a lot of BMW enthusiasts that can ‘t wait to find out more about the 2009 models.

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  • Gragop

    Anyone have an idea on when we might get an M Sport package or an E90-based ZHP type package? Seems odd you can buy those in most markets around the world with the exception of the US.

  • We have heard the possibility of a ZHP package and there is of course the BMW Performance line which goes hand in hand with the tii concept. The reason it has not surfaced in the US is a bit confusing as well, I suppose it is the fact that the more choices there are the more it costs per car to BMWNA, aside from that I think the //M sport would be a nice upgrade to any car.

  • Dan


    Thanks for all the information you provide. I have been debating whether to keep the 08 I have on order (on the boat now) or do an ED on an 09 sedan. I noticed over on e90post you mentioned there will be no DCT on the new sedan–is this absolutely confirmed? Why would BMW change this only for the coupe and not offer DCT on the sedan that carries the same engine / other options?

  • Dan, It has not been 100% confirmed BUT we have the ordering guides for the 2009 E90 and it is not mentioned. Official word should come shortly… I am awaiting the information and will post it as soon as we get it. We hope that we have been able to provide you with the information to aid your purchase.

    I will also tell you that today I received info about new rebates, money factors and interest rates for July purchases. You can Email me for further details.

  • Dan

    Thanks Michael. I sent you a message through bimmerfile’s contact section as I couldn’t find your email quickly enough. Feel free to email me personally (I included my address in my message to you).