In addition to a more performance oriented X5, BMW has begun testing a similar version of the recently released X6.

It appears to feature a beefier front and the typical 4 tip exhaust featured on //M models. There is also tape on the side of the front fender where the “gills ” would be on an //M.Our sources have indicated BMW has no intention of launching an //M SAV, though things may change.

If past BMW projects like this are any indication this SAV will have a stiffer suspension, wider tires larger brakes and of course more power!

What this performance X6 version testing in California is really all about is anyone ‘s guess at this point.

Wait, that is not the only version of X6 that was testing in the South West.

Not wanting to feel left out or show that BMW does not care about the environment the green version of the X6 joined the gas guzzler ‘s party. The X6 Active Hybrid has made a few appearances over the year and we discussed the possibilities here after obtaining photos from one of our readers.

Recent indications are that the BMW hybrids may use two different systems either a two-mode or a mild hybrid system. Details are fuzzy at best and some of the info we are receiving is contradictory in nature.

What we can hope for at least is an increase in fuel efficiency but that may not necessarily be the case if the electric motor is used to artificial increase horsepower rather than supplement the gas use, just one of the many rumors floating around.

The plate on one of these mules is from the Land of Lincoln, also known as Illinois, this is the first time we can recall seeing a manufacturing plate from there!

Photos:Wheels 24/Scoopy