The New 3 Series: In Depth (UK Market)

Official BMW Press Release:UK (Full PDF Below) It is the epitome of sporty flair in its segment and for years it has maintained the leading position as the mostly widely sold premium vehicle in the world. Now the BMW 3 Series sets out to extend its lead even further. Specific design modifications, a further refined interior design, the new generation of the optional operating concept BMW iDrive, new services provided by BMW ConnectedDrive, a revised range of engines and innovations in the areas of drive technology, safety and comfort make both the new BMW 3 Series Saloon and the new BMW 3 Series Touring more attractive than ever before.

With rear-wheel drive, harmonious axle load distribution, outstanding steering precision and highly sophisticated chassis technology, the BMW 3 Series sets unsurpassed standards for driving dynamics in its segment. More than ever before, this unique driving pleasure can now be combined with an awareness of economy and minimised pollutant emissions. Thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics the new BMW 3 Series achieves significantly lower fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels with each of the ten engine variations available than those of the relevant competitors in the premium segment.

The new features in the powertrain field include the further optimised electronically controlled all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive. This intelligent all-wheel drive system which variably distributes the drive force between front and rear wheels to enhance driving dynamics as well as ride stability and traction can now be combined with five engine types. The new BMW 320d xDrive is available as a Saloon and Touring model.

Another new feature for both body versions: the BMW 318d – by far the most efficient vehicle of its category with an average fuel consumption of just 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres – is now also available with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Parallel to the market launch of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon and the new BMW 3 Series Touring, a new 7-speed sports automatic transmission with double clutch will be presented for the Coupé and the Convertible of the series. This allows further improved acceleration figures in the models BMW 335i Coupé and BMW 335i Convertible, and combines this added dynamic performance – as compared to the standard 6-speed manual transmission – with the comfort features of an automatic transmission.

BMW NA has not released any information at this time, we will update when they do! + Full Press Release (PDF)

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  • Michael

    nothing about the E90 M3 it seems

  • Big Windy

    When are we going to know about the M vehicles???

  • the M3 sedan should see the same cosmetic changes in the rear. All 3s will get the new iDrive.

  • Big Windy

    I cannot possibly think of one logical reason besides production constraints as to why the 3 series would receive the updates (i-drive, etc) and the M3 counterparts would not. This would deal a seriuos blow to M3 sales, as the margin between the 335i and M3 is already close enough and I know I’d definitely take the cheaper 335i with the new tech over the more expensive M3. I can’t stand how they don’t mention it at all!

  • Big Windy

    So, Michael, all 3’s includes the M3? Because obviously I know that it is a 3, but why isn’t it even mentioned. I don’t think that M is mentioned at all anywhere in the pdf.

  • Eli

    is this information, along with the info that all 3’s are getting the idrive for the US market (North America)??

  • Allen

    So according to the pdf file…the 328 will no longer be available. Now it will be 335i, 330i, 325i 300hp, 272hp, 218 respectively in gasoline engines. Most likely BMWNA will only offer two of those engines, it would be nice if they offered all 3.

  • bsd107

    When will US pricing be available so that orders can be placed for MY09 sedans?

  • John

    I did not see they mentioned about the 328i in the Press Release. Though, I see 330i. So does this mean that they are replacing 328i with 330i?


  • This is the UK press release. BMWNA has not released any info at this time.

    The US will keep the 328 and 335 and the 335 diesel will be added.

    That has been confirmed.

  • in867

    The pdf does not mention that BMW ConnectedDrive is limited to specific countries. Does this mean we will see full access to the internet in US vehicles too? That would be monumental.

  • Robert

    One thing that confuses me – they are sort of vague about the new iDrive in ALL 3 models. Since the entire document seems to be about the “Touring and Saloon” it could be interpreted as only in those face-lifted models. If the screen is a different size, I could see that being the case, you’d have to “facelift” the dash to fit it and that would cost money to do on the Coupe/Convertible separately. So that worries me.

    Also, they SPECIFICALLY state that the Saloon/Touring incorporate new “ConnectedDrive” functionality. You could take that as another indicator that only those models get the new iDrive, or that for some reason, only those models get specific FEATURES within the iDrive upgrade, which strikes me as odd.

    Very confused now, but EXCITED about the DCT arriving in the Coupe/Convertible! That’s big news, previously only “confirmed” in Australia.

  • Robert thanks for your comments! In a previous post we were able to obtain a BMWUK document that verified the launch in the 1&3 series… new iDrive confirmed

  • Antonio

    Seems a really cool car. I am sorry that instead of having the 330d we are having the 335d (I’ll take any diesel from BWM anyway) has manual transmission, aceleration very close to 335d, better MPG.


  • Robert

    Thanks Michael – so any idea why they seemed to designate certain of the new “Connected Drive” features specifically for the Sedan/Wagon? Just curious. I have a ED slot for an 09 Convertible so very happy to get both iDrive AND DCT on my new ride, so appreciate the good news. You knew before my dealer (assuming it is true for US as well).

  • James

    It may be asking too much, but what a day it will be when we have a range of diesel options to choose from in the US. Personally, I’m looking forward to a mid-2009 ED of a 3 series convertible, and am still holding out hope that the Paris auto show unveils a diesel. Any thoughts on this, positive or negative? Is there any added benefit to ED, specifically with respect to a custom diesel version for the convertible? (i.e. if diesel is cleared for delivery in all 50 states, can they customize it at the plant?) I’ll save my questions on the Alpina D3 convertible for another day…

  • James: We have a section here dedicated to ED and may help answer some of your questions. ED cars are no different from US spec cars so if it is not available in the US it is not available for ED. The only diesels the US will be seeing are the 335d sedan and X535d, no need for Paris as they have already been revealed in great detail. Advanced Diesels

    European Delivery